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The 1st mountain bicycling world cup series took place in 1991. Its nine-race tour covered two continents, Europe along with North America, furthermore was sponsored with Grundig. In 1992, the Grundig-UCI world cup circuit expanded to ten races, as well as mountain bike racing tips remained a trans-Atlantic series. Cross-country racing was really the only world cup sport presently, at that time in 1993 a six-event downhill world cup was introduced. In 1996, cross-country mountain biking events were being added to the Olympic Games.

There are several races intended for mountain bicycle racers. They are: Cross-country (XC) racing is held on a varied terrain route, it is often almost 6-8 kilometers (km) furthermore is always a massed-start competition.
Short Track Cross Country (STXC). An extremely quick XC style event of approximately 800m in span but generally roughly 1 minute 30 seconds in prize-winning time.
Downhill (DH) racing is a time trial event. Riders initiate at intervals that could differ from 30 seconds to 3 minutes determined by the stage of the competition
Super D (SD) is a mix of cross-country and downhill. Most of the competition is downhill, on trails just like mountain bike racing training plan the downhill segment of a cross-country race. Additionally , there are short (100–500m) ascending sections that make the usage of downhill bicycles tough,
Freeride (FR) competitions will not be so much a race as there're a competition of skillfulness. Courses contain untrustworthy cliffs, drops, obstacles, plus ramps.
Dual Slalom (DS) can be described as ski-inspired event which pits two riders adjacent to each other on 2 matching man-made tracks side-by-side while using same jumps and berms,
(4X, also called 'mountain cross' or 'bikercross') inspired by the twin format and by BMX racing, this event pits four riders on identical track from opening gates to finish.
Marathon (XCM) is perhaps the toughest type of mountain biking because riders often have to cover over 80 km in a single race on mountaineous ground.
Enduro (ND) is a relatively new format which appears to have taken certain inspiration from both vehicle rally along with motorbike enduro racing. Mountain bike enduro is essentially the competitive side.
Stage Races incorporates several races - 'stages' - ridden in a row, frequently over a period of several days.

Races are held on behalf of all age groups and levels. Novice races are less pressured, and you may always set off further back in the field if it is your first time

This depends on the person however because these races are commonly less than two hours, food is not subsequently critical. Have a very good meal and drink before hand, despite the fact that. An power bar should do it for that race. Water depends on the individual as well as the weather. Just do not overdo it. Carrying a gallon of water is going to make you require a gallon of water, so attempt to reach a balance.

In winding up Mountain Bike Racing seriously isn't for those faint hearted. This are a lot more than merely a trip on your Mountain Bike. Therefore get in shape, go to a few races, get famalier with what's happening. Comprehend the topography in addition to I know you'll like the people...

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